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Payroll Production

Why do more and more companies delegate payroll processing to a third party??

Are so many hours spent on payroll processing that there are often errors and the staff feels exhausted? Do you want to stop spending on software and licensing? Free your staff by using our payroll production, an accurate and effective solution.

Stop spending your company resources unnecessarily and enjoy the benefits of C&H Payroll Production


The company's personnel will no longer invest long hours in the calculation of salaries, deductions, retentions, receipts and will have time to develop key activities such as staff assessments, work climate studies, career plans, replacement grills and many more.


The company will not have to invest in specialized software and training, as well as updates due to constant reforms.


The C&H staff, being a specialist, guarantees an absolute shield of mistakes or delays, forget about the risk of paying fines and surcharges to the authorities.


Staff will have timely receipts with accurate and timely calculations. A team of specialists in the areas of IMSS, PAYROLL, FISCAL, LABOR among others, will be at your disposal.

Some activities that our

Payroll Productions experts will do for you:
C&H Payroll Productions
Calculation of payroll and worker-employer quotas
Upgrades to IMSS with delivery of reports issued by the IDS
Reports for payroll dispersion 2 days before the payroll period
Sending files for payment to institutions such as IMSS and INFONAVIT
Delivery of pre-dispersion payroll receipts
Support in the process of employer registration by IMSS specialist
Execution of individual contracts of workers

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