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Every day a lot of entrepreneurs and managers lose resources and operational efficiency by continuing to use traditional personnel management schemes.

Beyond the disinformation and myths that exist around Outsourcing, it is the business leader’s responsibility to anticipate change and gather information.

Did you know that in Mexico? 5 out of 10 companies in Mexico manage their staff under the Outsourcing model? What do you expect to get informed and make the right decision?

What is Staff Outsourcing?

It is the scheme in which a company with a certain turnover hires another company specialized in HR to take charge of hiring and managing one or more employees, acquiring all employer obligations.

From SMEs, to the largest transnational companies, they have used this model as it has proven to be a useful tool for their growth.

Why do some perceive it in a negative way?

Before the Labor Reform of 2012 and due to the lack of regulation, some companies used subcontracting to evade employer obligations which generated a negative perception of the scheme.

What is its legal basis?

On November 30, 2012, the Labor Reform was published, from which articles 15-A, 15-B, 15-C, and 15-D of the Federal Labor Law regulating the figure of personnel subcontracting. With this reform, the following was achieved:
• Clarify the responsibilities and obligations that correspond to the contractor and contracting company.
• Ensure workers are assured that their labor rights are protected.
• Give the Labor authorities the authority to carry out inspections and apply sanctions to control the misuse of outsourcing.

What is C&H Outsourcing?

It is the scheme in which C&H assumes all the activities and commitments of an administrative, labor, fiscal and legal nature of one or more employees of your organization.

By entrusting staff management tasks to C&H, your company will experience significant cost reductions and invested hours, resulting in maximum productivity and operational efficiency.

What is

Outsourcing C&H?

Outsourcing is a business tool that consists of delegating to a specialized third party those activities not directly related to the core business of the organization.

Some activities that companies usually delegate are advertising, security in the company or payroll administration.

Save time and resources of the company, we take care of the administration of personnel.

Services that include C&H Outsourcing:

All the staff will receive great benefits

Benefits for staff

Protection of benefits

Remember that the staff is paid legally, the legal benefits are maintained and the seniority is respected.

Quality of benefits

Increase the loyalty of your employees by giving them new benefits such as • Life insurance • Insurance of major medical expenses • Discount card • Coverage of funeral expenses


Acquire the ability to offer credit to your employees via payroll when they require it.

Benefits for the Director or Business Owner

Focus on the business

Experience greater peace of mind and gain time to focus on the strategic areas of your company.

Total Support

You will have a team of specialists to prevent and resolve any labor dispute, without having to dedicate long hours of your day.

Absolute calm

You will notice how we take care of the needs of your personnel, including accidents at work, casualties, among others.


For your peace of mind, C&H issues stamped receipts from each of the workers. We also enter contracts, and deliver the bill for all services rendered.

Reduction of unnecessary expenses

Eliminates investment in specialized software licensing for personnel management. Reduces financial losses for late payments to authorities.


C&H is responsible for all obligations to the labor, social security, and finance authorities.

Benefits for HR Coordinators

Why choose C&H Outsourcing?

It is no longer a matter of choosing whether your company should use Outsourcing, it is about knowing who your best Outsourcing option is.

When selecting your future Outsourcing provider, the most important thing is to analyze and corroborate if you have the documentation, capacity, and sufficiency to fulfill all your obligations.

With more than 20 years of experience C&H offers you the backing and the certainty that you need.

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Financial solvency and operational capacity

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